IKO Connecting Rod Needle Bearing

IKO connecting rod needle bearing with excellent performance of needle roller and cage components have been fully validated in racing engines and are widely used in small cars, motorcycles, outboards, snowmobiles, general purpose engines and high spe
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IKO Bearing】 The excellent performance of the needle roller bearing and cage assembly for connecting rod has been fully verified in the racing engine with motorcycle and so on. Now it has been widely used as small automobile, motorcycle, outboard machine, snow Motorcycles, general engines and high-speed compressors and other connecting rod bearings.

Connecting rod bearings can work under extremely complicated and harsh conditions such as high temperatures, strong impact loads, high-speed motions, poor lubrication, and the like.

Connecting rod with needle roller and cage assembly is a kind of excellent rigidity and wear resistance, and light weight, large load rating in the harsh working conditions of the bearing.

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