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THK ball screw need to use precautions?

THK ball screw need to use precautions?
(1) When transporting heavy (20kg or more) products, carry them by two or more people or using a transporter. Otherwise, it may cause scratches and damages.
(2) Please do not break down all parts. May cause damage to function.
(3) When the ball screw is tilted, the screw shaft and nut may fall due to their own weight, so be careful.
(4) Be careful not to drop or knock the ball screw. Otherwise, it may cause scratches and damages. In addition, the impact, even if no visible damage, may also lead to functional damage.
(5) When assembling work, do not remove the ball screw nut from the ball screw shaft.
(6) When touching the product, please use protective gloves, safety shoes and other protective equipment as required to ensure safety.
(1) Please be careful to prevent chips, coolant and other foreign objects from entering. Failure to do so may result in damage.
(2) When using chips, coolant, corrosive solvents, water, or other substances that may enter the product, use a telescopic or protective cover to prevent it from entering the product.
(3) Avoid using at temperatures exceeding 80 ° C. In addition to heat-resistant products, if the temperature exceeds the use temperature, may cause deformation of resin and rubber parts or damage.
(4) When foreign matters such as chips are attached, re-seal the lubricant after cleaning.
(5) In the case of micro-oscillation, it is difficult to form an oil film between the contact surface of the rolling surface and the rolling element. Fretting wear may occur. Use grease with excellent fretting resistance. In addition, it is recommended to regularly join the nut about 1 rotation, so that the rolling surface and the rolling body formed between the film.
(6) Do not force the positioning parts (pins, keys, etc.) into the product. May cause indentation of the rolling surface, resulting in functional damage.
(7) If the support and nut of the screw shaft are eccentric or offset, the service life will be extremely shortened. Pay attention to the mounting components and the mounting accuracy.
(8) If any rolling element is dropped from the ball screw nut, do not continue to use this product and contact THK.
(9) When using on the vertical axis, take countermeasures such as adding a safety mechanism to prevent falling. Failure to do so may cause the ball screw nut to fall due to its own weight.
(10) Please do not exceed the allowable speed when using. Failure to do so may result in damage to parts and accidents. Please use the speed control within the company's specifications.
(11) Please do not allow the ball screw over run. May lead to drop the ball, the cycle parts damage, ball rolling surface indentation, bad action. In addition, continued use in the above state may lead to initial wear, damage to circulating parts.
(12) When using a ball screw, use guide parts such as LM Guide and ball spline. May cause damage.
(13) When the rigidity and accuracy of the mounting member are insufficient, the bearing load is locally concentrated, causing the bearing performance to be significantly reduced. At the same time, on the support and the base of the rigid precision, the strength of the bolts, please fully explored.
(1) Please carefully wipe the rust-preventive oil and seal the lubricant before use.
(2) Avoid mixing different lubricants. Even if the same thickener grease, due to different additives, may also have an adverse effect on each other.
(3) Use grease that meets the specifications and environment when used under special conditions such as frequent vibration, clean room, vacuum, low temperature or high temperature.
(4) Lubricate grease-free products with grease nipples. Apply the lubricant directly to the rolling surface and run it several times over the stroke length to allow grease to enter the product interior.
(5) Grease consistency varies with temperature. Ball screw torque also varies with consistency, please note.
(6) Stirring resistance of greased grease after greasing may cause increase of rotating torque of ball screw. Be sure to run running, the grease fully run together, the operation of machinery.
(7) After the grease is added, excess grease may splash around. Please wipe as needed.
(8) Grease As the service life increases, the characteristics deteriorate and the lubrication performance decreases. Therefore, it is necessary to check and replenish the grease according to the frequency of use.
(9) Depending on the conditions of use and use environment, the fatliquoring interval is different. Please fatliquor every 100km (3-6 months) of operation. According to the actual equipment, determine the final fatliquoring interval and fatliquoring amount.
(10) Installation and the lubrication holes of the screw nut, may cause lubricants do not circulate caused by poor lubrication, design, please fully explored.
(11) When using a ball screw, good lubrication must be provided. If used directly without lubrication, wear on the rolling parts may be accelerated and the service life will be shortened.
When storing the ball screw, store it horizontally indoors, with THK shipped in the factory, to avoid high temperature, low temperature and high humidity. Long-term storage of products, its internal lubricant may deteriorate over time, please add the lubricant again after use.
Please dispose of the product as industrial waste for proper disposal.
【Selection Notes】
Ensure that the stroke is above the full length of the screw shaft with the lubrication device QZ.
Please do not drop or knock this product. Otherwise, it may cause scratches and damages. Do not block the vents with grease or the like. Because QZ is a device that supplies oil only to the rolling surface, use QZ with regular greasing at the same time. Periodically replenish the lubricant. Specs with lubrication device QZ provide the rolling surface with the minimu-m necessary lubricant. Under normal use conditions such as vertical use, the nature of the lubricant may cause the lubricant to drip from the ball screw shaft sometimes, please note.
【Use environment】
The temperature range of this product is between -10 and + 50 ° C. Avoid cleaning with organic solvents or white kerosene, etc., or placing it in an open package.
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